New Orient Tours offers unique tours to every corner of the historic and beautiful Hanoi and provide travelers with a comprehensive guide to explore Vietnam’s capital.

We are proud of having a highly professional team with extensive expertise and deep understanding of the area to bring out the best the city has to offer. As Hanoi’s locals, we are also eager to show you the very unique spirit of Hanoi and its people with recommendations to places that are less exposed to tourists and give you the chance to truly experience a Hanoian life. Fostering local culture and bringing it closer to the outside world have always been our greatest values and aspirations.

Our difference:

– Our listed tours are completely FREE. You just need to cover your own expense such as food, transfers and entrance fee. This makes your travel cost reduce substantially compared with booking a classic tour.

– Our tours are completely unique and customizable. It is your choice where you will go, we just make recommendation.

– Our tour guides are well experienced and fully licensed.

– We accept post-tour donation and 100% of your donation will go to supporting the poor and less advantaged people of Hanoi (with reports to follow).

– All tours are private to ensure that our guide can take care of you during the tour and all/most of your questions can get answered.

How does it work:

Many Hanoi city tours fall between mediocre and standard visits, to an overcrowded group that leads to a falsified image of the city. We want to make a difference in how travelers see Hanoi: not just a stopping point on the way to Halong, Sapa or Hoi An, but a gem that one should not underrate. At the same time, we understand that some of you may not feel easy to just do it for free. By taking this approach to see the city, we want to connect culture and connect people. After the tour, if you are happy with what you have experienced, you can consider making a donation so we can give it back to the community.

Below is how our tours work:

1/ You can book our listed tour using the contact form:

or you can simply email us: stating what do you want to see, when do you want to go, how many people there are in your group.

2/ We will respond to your tour request via email. We will decide on the tour date and other tour details.

3/ On the actual day of the tour, our guide will come to your hotel if it is in the Old Quarter. If not please catch a taxi to our office to begin the tour. Please prepared some cash to cover some expenses during the tour (approximate expense will be listed in each tour or in our confirmation email).

4/ At the end of each month, all contributions made by travelers will be donated to a charity cause with reports published on our website.

5/ Please feel free to leave us a feedback by paper or by email if you have any thing to share, or if you think how we can improve!

It is our ultimate purpose to make you love Hanoi the way we do, and we truly hope that our work will contribute to your memorable visit to Vietnam. You can find further information about our work under the FAQs ( Thank you for visiting our page and we look forward to your contact!

New Orient Team