The official currency of Vietnam is called Dong (VND) Issued by the State Bank of Vietnam since May, 1978. In 1978, Vietnamese money was cotton money, however, in December, 2003, it was changed to polymer. The new money is more valuable with better quality, untearable and unfakeable.

1, Cotton money

Different from other countries in the world, The Vietnamese use thousand unit instead of one unit. The smallest amount is 1,000vnd. These three amount is still issued as cotton money.

1000vnd 2000-vnd 5000vnd

2, Polymer money

In 2003, polymer money was issued by the State Bank of Vietnam. In the meantime, Vietnamese paper money was very easy to be copied. With these new money, it is certainly impossible for people to print fake money which would prevent inflation in Vietnam. 500,000vnd is the most valuable paper money at the moment following by 200,000 and 100,000vnd

polymer money

Every Vietnamese paper money is printed picture of Ho Chi Minh who was the president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam from 1945 to 1969. After the Zimbabwean dollar and the Iranian rial, Vietnamese Dong is the third least valued currency. That is why Vietnam can be one of the best place people should travel to as they can get more and spend less money.

3, Exchange Rate

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AUD AUST.DOLLAR 16,818.95 16,920.47 17,071.50
CAD CANADIAN DOLLAR 16,739.76 16,891.79 17,110.88
CHF SWISS FRANCE 22,126.35 22,282.33 22,571.33
DKK DANISH KRONE 3,183.12 3,282.98
EUR EURO 23,853.22 23,924.99 24,138.54
GBP BRITISH POUND 27,453.87 27,647.40 27,894.18
HKD HONGKONG DOLLAR 2,867.35 2,887.56 2,930.87
INR INDIAN RUPEE 330.02 342.98
JPY JAPANESE YEN 193.70 195.66 197.40
KRW SOUTH KOREAN WON 17.67 18.60 19.76
KWD KUWAITI DINAR 73,754.85 76,650.66
MYR MALAYSIAN RINGGIT 5,038.31 5,103.66
NOK NORWEGIAN KRONER 2,624.44 2,706.77
RUB RUSSIAN RUBLE 345.49 422.63
SAR SAUDI RIAL 6,001.86 6,237.51
SEK SWEDISH KRONA 2,492.99 2,555.81
SGD SINGAPORE DOLLAR 15,607.32 15,717.34 15,889.38
THB THAI BAHT 625.18 625.18 651.28
USD US DOLLAR 22,530.00 22,530.00 22,600.00

All of the above information is accurate at the time of publication.

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